New Patient Appointments:

  • Appointments are 60 mins.
  • Functional Medicine Assessment New Patient appointments are 90 mins.

Follow-up Appointments:        

10 mins appointments are for patients who in general feel well and just need to refill their medications and go over simple blood tests and have just 1-2 stable endocrine issue:

Examples: stable Hypothyroidism AND vit D/B12/Iron deficiency.

  • Stable Hyperthyroidism
  • Low T
  • Transgender care
  • Stable Hypercholesterolemia,
  • Gestational diabetes with Thyroid issues
  • Monthly only Diabetes and Insulin adjustment appointment
  • Placement of CGM or follow-up on CGM only.

20 mins appointments are for patient with 2-3 endocrine problems, that require refill of medications and check of several tests including:

  • Quarterly Diabetes appointments for diabetes type 2 on oral agents, stable blood sugars AND hypercholesterolemia AND/Or stable thyroid/vit D/B12/MTHFR gene mutation/Iron deficiency.
  • Stable Pituitary on 1–4 replacement AND vit D def/vitB12/MTHFR gene mutation/Iron deficiency

–      Worsening of thyroid AND vit D def/vitB12/MTHFR gene mutation/Iron deficiency

–      PCOS/Menopause AND vit D def/vitB12/MTHFR gene mutation/Iron deficiency

–      Hypercholesterolemia AND thyroid AND vit D def/vitB12/MTHFR gene mutation/stable blood clotting disorder/Iron deficiency ect

40 mins appointments are for:

  • Patient’s 2nd appointment, that requires discussion of the most recent blood results and creation of therapy plan.
  • Quarterly Diabetes appointments with worsening of glycemic control OR on Insulin injections OR on Insulin pump.
  • Patient with Diabetes, who need individual Diabetes Education, including Carbohydrate Counting and Individual Nutritional Planning.
  • 3 or more endocrine/cholesterol/blood clotting problems, that require check of complex blood tests or review of results of CT/DEXA scans, MRIs ect.
  • Worsening of Endocrine issues, that will require further complex testing.
  • Functional Medicine appointments.

60 mins appointments are for: 2nd visit after Functional Medicine appointment to go over complex blood test and other types of tests, creation of plan of treatment, including diet discussion.

In order to be compliant with DEA and other regulations, we have to see you at least once a year physically in order to be able to refill your medications.

Testosterone is a controlled substance and requires appointments every 6 months.

Cash payments for the appointment are available and will depend on complexity of your case.

Please, ask Front Desk representative for Cash Schedule.

You can choose to schedule 10-20, 40 or 60 mins follow up appointment.

All Care will be taken to stay on schedule.